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The Everyone Sells Something Show

Everyone sells something!

Every business stays in business because someone is closing business. Smart salespeople and enlightened business owners recognize that knowing how to sell with authenticity and integrity gives them a significant competitive advantage.

It’s not too late to create immediate change and grow your business. If you want to survive in this rapidly changing marketplace, you need to learn how to sell and become more comfortable with the sales process.
When you embrace and harness all the skills and capabilities that go with selling, you will be unstoppable.

Join Liz Wendling, the Authentic Selling Expert, every 1st Wendesday at 10 am Central.

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About Liz

Liz Wendling is a nationally recognized speaker, sales consultant and the author of 6 books. Her 2 most recent are The Heart of Authentic Selling and Sell Without Selling Your Soul. 

Liz is driven by the mantra, It’s not WHAT you sell, it’s HOW you sell that matters. Liz understands the sales challenges that professionals face when selling in today’s crowded and competitive environment and shows them how to make a profound difference in their sales approach, language and process —online and offline.

She is known for her high-energy, straight forward, interactive, powerful, and result-oriented presentations.

The Everyone Sells Something Show