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The Sales Manager Summit

Content selected specifically for Sales Managers, addressing the challenges you’re experiencing right now.

Registration is free and presentations will be available on demand for all who register.

Join us July 29-30 for any or all of these special presentations. All times are listed in GMT.

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July 29th

2 AM


A Survival Guide for the First Time (or really anytime) Sales Managers

Alice Kemper

Finally the 3 real simple survival tips to guarantee any sales manager – time deprived or not – to lead a team who crushes their numbers consistently. Once you know the CRT Survival Formula your team will always be #1 on the leaderboard and you will be indispensable to your company.

3 AM

Kevin Eikenberry

Helping New Leaders Succeed in the Toughest Transition of Their Career

Kevin Eikenberry, The Remarkable Leadership Expert

Getting promoted to a supervisory role is exciting . . . and scary. A promotion to leadership, supervision or management brings new responsibilities, new relationship dynamics, and new opportunities for personal and career growth. And often, new leaders don’t get the training, support, and guidance they need to be successful.

The good news is first-time managers and supervisors can learn the kinds of things it usually takes managers years to learn. Whether you are in learning and training or HR wanting to help others in this important and challenging position or are that new leader yourself, this interactive and informative webinar will help you be more effective and successful.

4 AM


B2 for New Sales Managers – Episode 1

Wesleyne Greer, The-New-to-Sales-Management Expert

Get out of the weeds and get out of your own way! Learn to lead your team, make your numbers, and strategically grow — all while maintaining the right balance. Wesleyne Greer will give you the blueprint for success and help you become a sales manager who shows up as a leader!

5 AM

Kristie Jones

Leadership Skills You Need Now: Holding Reps Accountable

Kristie Jones, The SaaS_Startup Expert

These are awkward times. You and your sales reps are still working from home. You’re being asked to think about equality and how that might change your leadership style. You and your team are under a lot of pressure to hit the revised (or not) revenue targets you’ve been given AND the end of the quarter is just days away.

It’s a lot. I get it. But not holding your reps accountable to activity, net new pipeline, pipeline hygiene, and their quota isn’t the answer. If you have a Culture of Accountability (and I’m assuming you do) you owe it to yourself, your reps, and your company to continue to lead your team as you did in February.

In this presentation, Kristie Jones, Founder, and Principal of Sales Acceleration Group share her tactics for setting expectations, getting buy-in, and holding reps accountable even during times of uncertainty and economic challenges.

 6 AM

Steve Bistritz

How Sales Managers Can Get More Reliable Forecasts from Salespeople

Steve Bistritz, The Selling to Senior Executives Expert

As a sales leader you rely on your forecast data to be accurate. But your salespeople feel providing sales data doesn’t help them sell, and view it as extra “paperwork.” As a result, the forecast data you receive from your salespeople is typically incomplete, inaccurate, or irrelevant.

What if your organization used an opportunity management process that salespeople knew would help them sell and enticed them to provide accurate information for their own benefit, while also providing sales management the data they need in the process?

In this webinar we’ll present an opportunity management process that salespeople embrace because it helps them close deals more quickly and also provides sales managers the information they need to forecast more accurately.

7 AM

Carole Mahoney

3 Crucial Components of Onboarding New Sales Hires

Carole Mahoney, The Sales Coach Expert

Your new sales people are eager to get started, but maybe not as much as you are ready for them to ramp up, right?

Or perhaps your existing team has been through so many changes and challenges lately- everything seems new and it’s time for a reset.

Join Carole Mahoney for some science, some humor, and plenty of actionable tips and strategic insights in this interactive webinar.

8 AM

Colleen Stanley

What They Don’t Teach You At “Traditional” Sales Management School

Colleen Stanley, The Emotional Intelligence for Sales Expert

Sales managers are often set-up to fail. You’ve seen this movie before. Top producer gets promoted to sales leadership only to discover the skills needed to lead and develop a sales team are different than the skills needed to acquire and retain business.

Discover the psychology, physiology and emotional intelligence skills required for effective sales coaching.

9 AM

Mark Sellers

Sales Leadership Tips for the Sales Manager

Mark Sellers, The Business Results Expert

Today’s sales manager faces many challenges. None more pressing than the challenge to get salespeople to deliver on expected performance in the era of Covid. In this webinar you will learn:

How to get your salespeople to accomplish what matters
How to keep them accountable
How to keep sellers feeling positive
How to carve out more of your time for coaching your salespeople
How to give your sellers more time for selling

July 30th

2 AM

Jennifer Leake

6 Hiring Mistakes Most Sales Leaders Make

Jennifer Leake, The People Analytics Expert

A recent polled audience at a conference revealed 83% had hired someone they wish they hadn’t in the past 2 years. You never plan to hire the wrong person – so how do they get hired? Learn the 6 common reasons why your hiring and interview process may have a wrong mindset and focus.

3 AM

Jamie Crosbie Bisson

Hire the Best, Upgrade the Rest

Jamie Crosbie, The Top Sales Talent Expert & guest, Mark Winter

Do you have a strong team in place to achieve your revenue goals in 2021? Learn trade secrets and best practices for leveraging your people for success. Hiring the best and upgrading the rest will transform your sales organization with higher quality talent.

After outlining why it’s time to change and what buyer-centric selling really means, Mike will share how to lead the (r)evolution with your sales force, to change behaviors and achieve mastery with this new methodology.

4 AM

Donald Kelly

How To Help New Sellers Thrive Like Your Top Performers

Donald Kelly, the Fundamentals for New Sellers Expert

During this training sales leaders will learn how to coach their new reps so they can perform like their more experienced reps.

5 AM

Merit Kahn
Julie Holmes

Top Tech and Technique to Sell More & Stress Less

Merit Kahn, The Sales Mindset Expert and Julie Holmes, The Sales Tech Expert

Which is worse… great sales technology with lousy technique or great sales technique without the power of technology? Answer… both will keep you playing small when it comes to big sales. These days to be successful in sales takes tech and technique… think of this presentation as the peanut butter meets chocolate solution.

Enter Merit Kahn and Julie Holmes. Two sales experts from two different worlds. Merit has been working with sales professionals on technique since 1998 and Julie is like a human resource of sales tech tools. In their weekly podcast, The Smarter Sales Show, they share the tech and technique to sell more and stress less. This presentation wraps up season one and summarizes 12 weeks of their top tips!

6 AM

George Brontén

Here’s what to consider when adding or switching your CRM

George Brontén, The B2B Sales Effectiveness Expert

You will learn:

1.What is a CRM? Which one is right for your company?
2.Pitfalls when selecting a CRM?
3.Benefits of CRM?
4.CRM & Sales Enablement?

7 AM


Seven Best Ways to Improve Sales Performance

Christopher Ryan, The B2B Revenue Growth Expert

Learn how to optimize your sales force to generate revenue-producing results even if you are tight on budget or headcount. Based on extensive research and experience, this online event will show you how to best prioritize your marketing and sales activities to improve performance using the fewest (and least expensive) resources. Sharing real-life failure and success stories, presenter Chris Ryan provides step-by-step sales enablement and lead-to-revenue modeling tools to turnaround sales performance.

Gain action items that work for marketing and sales management, as well as for sales reps and marketing professionals. Topics include branding, prospect selection, sales and buying processes, lead-to-revenue, sales enablement, and marketing and sales alignment. As a bonus, all attendees will receive a free copy of Chris Ryan’s bestselling book, The Expert’s B2B Revenue Growth Playbook: Actionable Strategies to Make Your Business Soar.

8 AM

Nick Kane

How Best-in-Class Sales Teams Build a Powerful Pipeline and Exceed Quota

Nick Kane, The Sales Improvement Expert

Janek Performance Group, an award-winning Top 20 sales training company recently conducted and published a joint research report with SellingPower that focuses on how successful sales teams build their pipeline and drive prospecting best practices that keep their funnels full and achieve their quotas. In this engaging presentation, Nick Kane, Managing Partner at Janek Performance Group will provide insights into the findings, common reasons that lead to sub-par pipeline health & performance and what best-in-class sales organizations do differently to yield better results.

9 AM

Lori Richardson

6 Sales Weaknesses that Limit Sales Results

Lori Richardson, The Sales Hiring Assessment Expert

Most sales teams fall short of their true potential. Whether you are a sales manager or a sales rep, join us to learn what undermines the best sales skills and causes you to fall short in your sales efforts. Specific, helpful ideas and resources will be shared.