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About Lee

Lee Smith is the CEO and Founder of SalesFuel, one of the Top 10 Sales Enablement Vendors in 2020, He’s also named a Leading Sales Consultant by Selling Power. Lee’s the author of “SalesCred,” the definitive book on sellers’ lack of credibility among buyers. He also wrote the international bestseller “Hire Smarter, Sell More!”, to help readers increase their bottom line by avoiding toxic employees and identifying and hiring sales rainmakers. Lee enhanced his expertise in remote team management, leadership and coaching, and hiring in 2020 by becoming a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, Certified Professional Axiologist, and Certified Professional Values Analyst.

Manage Smarter
Manage Smarter

About Audrey

Audrey Strong is The PR Expert.   Public Relations, Marketing, Crisis Communications, Multimedia 

Audrey  Strong is Vice President of Communications at SalesFuel, where she heads all marketing and communications, including public relations — which she has directed since 2014. Prior to SalesFuel, Audrey was Director of Public Relations for The Ritz-Carlton Denver before founding her own public relations firm. She also served years as an award-winning journalist in television news. This unique, hybrid background makes her an expert in marketing, media relations, crisis communications, issues management, messaging, and press kit creation, as well as audio/video production.