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XO: eXtraordinary Outcomes

Get Face to Face with the New Buyer

Selling Remote is here to stay. Face to face meetings – which were already super difficult to land, are unlikely to remain the primary go to option for Sales folks. While the world changed practically overnight, we seem to have missed the writing on the wall. The fact that The Buyer Has Changed. And she is not buying the way she used to even 10 years back.

The core of the value transaction process is now hinged on the Buyers desired outcomes. Because, although we believed otherwise – every single sale is closed by the buyer. We need to refocus our attention to the Buyer who is at the center of our success. We need to unlearn and now relearn the way to engage with this new buyer. On her terms.

The eXtraordinary Outcomes Show will do just that. Bring you face to face with the New Buyer. And let you into her world. So together we can create eXtraordinay Outcomes!

See you every Friday at 8am CST. Starting 8th January 2021.

Hosted by Subhanjan Sarkar, the Buyer-Led Sales Expert

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About Subhanjan

Subhanjan is the Founder of Pitch.Link, a SaaS in the Buying/Sales Technology stack. It is a Zero Interruption Buyer Seller Communication, Conversation, Collaboration and Conversion Platform. Previously, he built a multilingual visual training platform. Subhanjan has a demonstrated history in  Media and e-learning. He is skilled in Media, Content, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Partnerships, Management and Start-ups. Subhanjan launched the first Tech show on TV in India in 1996 and the first Daily Tech Show on CNBC Asia. He also was the first Publisher of CIO magazine in India and launched the first daily tech newspaper – TechMail. He graduated from Calcutta University and holds 3 US patents.

XO: eXtraordinary Outcomes