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Winning 5x Deals – Repeatedly!

What would the impact be on your organization when you close 5X deals repeatedly?

Sales leaders, senior sales managers and savvy enterprise salespeople will immediately benefit from the proven and powerful ‘Plays’ shared each month.

Your host, Lisa Magnuson, has a proven track record of helping her clients win 5X deals. As a matter of fact, her clients can point to over 350m of new revenue as a result of executing on the Top Line Sales proven playbook. Get ready to tap into that playbook throughout 2021!

Our lineup of dynamite topics will include:

•First Steps to Ignite your 5X Deal Engine
•Drive New Revenue by Building a Long-term Customer Map
•Get More 5X Enterprise Prospects: A Simple Starting Point
•Know ‘Why you Win’: Clarity to Land More 5X Contracts
•Advance your Sales Cycle Using these Quick Hits
•How to 5X your Average Deal Size

Join Lisa Magnuson, the Landing 7-Figure Deals Expert, every 3rd Thursday at 10 am Central.

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About Lisa

Lisa Magnuson has walked in the shoes of sales leaders and sellers alike.Totaling over 35 years of experience, Lisa has worked with large, medium and small corporate clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

Top Line Sales, founded by Lisa Magnuson in 2005, has a proven track record of helping companies overcome the barriers to winning TOP Line Accounts™.  Any sales consultant can claim they strategize and close large deals but not many sales consultants can prove it, especially in recent times.  Lisa can point to more than 350m in new 5X deal revenue for her clients.  Consider the impact on your organization when you close 5X deals repeatedly.

Winning 5x Deals – Repeatedly!