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Adaptation is Essential for Survival

Animals in nature adapt over time. Alligators have developed a thicker skin, penguins developed webbed feet to swim faster…

What about you? As a seller, how have you adapated to survivie and thrive in your changing environment?

On The Adaptive Seller, you’ll learn pivoting strategies, adaptive seller behaviors and what it takes to succeed in modern selling. 

Join Shari Levitin, the Heart to Sell Expert, every 4th Wednesday at 12 pm Central.

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About Shari

Shari Levitin has helped create over 1 billion dollars in increased revenue for companies in over 40 countries teaching her authentic, heartfelt approach. 

Shari’s the bestselling author of Heart and Sell, a contributor to Forbes, CEO Magazine, & Huffington Post. 

 Additionally, Shari has been recognized as one of the:

  • Top 50 Keynote Speakers  
  • Top Ten Voices in Sales  
  • Top 35 Most Influential Women in Sales globally 

Shari is a guest lecturer at Harvard University and a Gartner Thought Leader.  She serves on the Sundance Institute Advisory Board and several other advisory boards.

Shari Levitin