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The Smarter Sales Show

Sell more and stress less!

Selling is different now… and remote selling is here to stay. Want to differentiate yourself and rise to the top of the new virtual sales game? Listen to The Smarter Sales Show to master the tech and technique to sell more and stress less.

Tune in each week to learn, laugh and get a shot of sales motivation from Merit Kahn, sales technique expert, and Julie Holmes, sales technology guru.

Inside each episode, these two sales-savvy funny women address your biggest sales challenges with solutions from a technique and technology perspective. No fluffy sales theory or coding talk… you get practical, easy to implement sales soundbites and tools to sell more and sell more easily… and you’ll laugh throughout the show and all the way to the bank.

You will take on the tough topics like building remote relationships, mastering virtual sales meetings, keeping prospects engaged and excited during the sales process, the latest and greatest apps and gear you need (or don’t need) to be confident and successful in virtual sales and much more.

Don’t miss a single episode… your prospects (and your bank account) will thank you!

Hosted by Merit Kahn, the Sales Technique Expert, and Julie Holmes, the Sales Tech Expert, every Tuesday at 12 pm Central.

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About Merit

Merit Kahn has been training entrepreneurs, professionals, and sales teams since 1998. She is the co-host of The Smarter Sales Show podcast, author of Myth Shift: Challenging The Truths That Sabotage Success, founder of Merit-based Business Academy, certified in Emotional Intelligence, Certified Speaking Professional ©, and the writer/producer and performer of an inspirational one-woman comedy show, Book of Merit… so… not your typical sales trainer. Merit’s work is a blend of proven selling skills, solid action plans, and the secret sauce… a strong sales mindset. Her favorite question, “Are you open to…” has led to millions of dollars in sales.

The Smarter Sales Show
The Smarter Sales Show

About Julie

Julie Holmes has been a quota carrying enterprise tech sales rep and director of product marketing for a global software company where she spent a ton of time doing sales enablement work. She is also an inventor, app developer, pragmatic technologist, innovation expert and she’s way smarter than her smartphone. With over 25 years of experience in enterprise and small business technology, she’s a master of TECHING BUSINESS UP A LEVEL. When she says, “there’s an app for that” it’s because she is the Library of Congress for all things tech. If the app doesn’t exist… Julie will create it.