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The Street Smarts MBA for Small Businesses

Practical Tactics and Strategies to Increase Your Bottom Line!

The Street Smarts MBA show features Sonia Dumas and Hugh Tafel sharing practical tactics and strategies that any small business or professional practice owner can use immediately to generate more leads, close more sales and increase their bottom line.

Each action packed episode will showcase Sonia and Hugh’s unique take about –

• The Great Reset & Economic Pivoting
• Marketing & The Conversion Formula
• Profit Acceleration
• Small Business Sales
• Referrals & The Customer Experience
• Payday Conversations & B2B Marketing
• Guest Experts in Finance, Human Resources, Technology, Leadership, & More

All to give you an extra edge!
We study and share multi-million dollar strategies that turn chaos into prosperity.

Join Sonia Dumas, the Payday Conversations Expert, and Hugh Tafel, the Profit Accelerator Expert, every 2nd Wednesday at 12 pm Central.

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About Sonia

Sonia Dumas is the CEO of Curio Haus; a multi-transformational strategic powerhaus focused on helping small business leaders grow to maximum capacity and capitalize on the digital wealth shift powered by blockchain technology. She’s the co-host of the Street Smarts MBA show, host of Crypto Corner, The Payday Conversations Expert on The Sales Expert Channel, a must-follow sales leader on LinkedIn and frequent guest speaker on the Sales Reinvented Podcast. Her passion for purpose, profits, and processes paired with over a decade of luxury hospitality project management expertise has enabled her to create profitable experiences for her clients and network.

The Street Smarts MBA for Small Businesses
The Street Smarts MBA for Small Businesses

About Hugh

Hugh Tafel works with local business owners and professionals to help them generate the profits they want and deserve, without extra spending on advertising or promotions.

He is a certified, platinum marketing coach and director of Real Business Mastery;  the “The most powerful client attraction program ever created” – an online e-learning system that gives local businesses more skills and knowledge to grow their enterprises than an MBA on steroids.

Hugh has written 3 books, the latest of which is called the “45 Minute Business Breakthrough – How I find $10K in Any Business in 45 Minutes or Less, Without Spending a Dime on Sales or Marketing”.