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The Diamond Group

Real, thoughtful and implementable solutions to help you solve the problem and move forward!

Join Institute for Excellence in Sales Cofounder Fred Diamond and his panel of sales experts, pundits and fixers every Monday at 4 PM CST for the sales industry’s hottest show on solving the sales challenges you are facing.

Each week, The Diamond Group will tackle perplexing sales problems submitted by in-the-field sales professionals that are stopping them from achieving their goals and hindering their performance.
Diamond and his rotating expert panel of sales thought leaders and sales executives will go deep into solving the problem utilizing their collective wisdom, years of experience and been-there, done-that fortitude.

Challenges include obstacles to successful prospecting, hindrances to deal flow, process glitches, mindset issues and other deterrents.

Listeners will get real, thoughtful and implementable solutions to help them solve the problem and move forward. It will be a great way to find answers to what might be hindering your sales success.

This is “appointment webinar.” Once you start attending, you will not want to miss a show. Join Fred Diamond, the Excellence in Sales Expert, and see you Monday at 4pm Central!

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About Fred

Fred Diamond is the co-founder of The Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES). The IES  recognizes corporate and organizational sales and business development operational excellence and promotes best practices and thought leadership. With the growth of the IES, Fred has also been causing waves in the sales world as well. Well-known as a marketing consultant to companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and others, Fred has led the IES to become a leading source of sales excellence, content development, and premiere sales training solutions. Fred himself is an exceptional speaker who frequently helps companies improve their sales processes and stay ahead of trends.

The Diamond Group