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 Big shoutout to all our guests and to the Sales Experts who presented on The Sales Experts Channel in 2020. These awards, based mainly on objective metrics, celebrate the most noteworthy accomplishments and contributions of Sales Experts in 2020.  

Our Top Viewers

Recognizing our those who have made The Sales Experts Channel what it is today – our viewers! The following names are the viewers who have watched over 100 presentations. Thank you for all your support!

Barry Hall
Ikor Innocent Eloho
Ribhanshu Raj
William Giaimo
Panos Karapanagiotis
Sean Buckley
Wilson Cardenas
Hartland Ross
Deepak Bhaskar
Lesek Demont
Roy Nakamura
David Dahl
Brian Bobo
Lee Folger
Martin Schuster
David New
Waldemar Rooijer
Sang Lee
Andrew Bergstrom
Jeff Fagen
Martin Collins

Audrey Kamga
Ladislav Gazo
Eric To
Ryan Biancone
Olutunde Olarinde
Jennifer Guilaumin
Marc Bond
Rose Limo
Andy McGrane
Patricia Garrison
Marilyn Podowski
Samuel Law
Spencer Ripley
Diane Bein
Valerie Watson
Chris Bell
Themba Gumbi
Lucas Kin Hironaka
Bulcsu Szekely
Inigo Gutierrez

Ron McBride
Nic Petrov
Antonio Ramos
Eric Klaver
Julio Alvarez
Olatokunbo Temenu
Andre Coetzee
Catterine Guerra
Vivian Lou
Catten Ely
Manuel Lorenzo Cornelio Hernandez
Julian Clarke
Zahidan Dawi
Ian Bruns
Peter Daneels
Swaminathan Krishnamoorthy
Romi Madia
Samy Farahat
Eugene Craig
Andy Bingham

Best Promoter

For consistently sharing others’ content on social media and promoting The Sales Experts Channel year-round.
BestPromoter_1st_Fred Diamond
BestPromoter_2nd_Lisa Magnuson
BestPromoter_3rd_Mike Kunkle
BestPromoter_HM_George Brontén

Best Producer

For delivering the highest number of presentations in 2020. 
BestProducer_2nd_Lisa Magnuson
BestProducer_3rd_Amy Franko
BestProducer_HM_Jeff Bajorek
BestProducer_HM_Carole Mahoney

Best Engagement

For providing bonus content viewers love, powering through tech issues without missing a beat, and interacting with viewers.
BestEngagement_1st_Julie Hansen
BestEngagement_2nd_Kendra Lee
BestEngagement_3rd_Steve Bistritz
BestEngagement_HM_Colleen Stanley

Most Viewers

For single presentations in 2020 that have attracted the most viewers.
MostViewers_1st_Merit Kahn
MostViewers_2nd_Scott Ingram
MostViewers_3rd_Sonia Dumas
MostViewers_HM_Kristie Jones

Rave Reviews

For racking up high volumes of 5-star reviews and glowing comments from viewers.   
RaveReviews_1st_Scott Ingram
RaveReviews_2nd_Melissa Madian
RaveReviews_3rd_Joanne Black
RaveReviews_HM_Anthony Solimini

Community Spirit

For positively representing The Channel, mentoring others, opening doors for Sales Experts, and collaborating with the team.
CommunitySpirit_1st_Brynne Tillman
CommunitySpirit_2nd_Paul Watts
CommunitySpirit_3rd_Lisa Magnuson
CommunitySpirit_HM_Liz Wendling


For helping us find ways to continually improve, pivoting during a pandemic, and breaking new ground in 2020.  
Trailblazer_1st_Darryl Praill
Trailblazer_2nd_Kristie Jones
Trailblazer_3rd_Lisa Dennis
Trailblazer_HM_Carla Arnold

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