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About The Sales Experts Channel

Founded in 2017, The Sales Experts Channel is a collaborative community of authors, speakers, trainers, coaches, thought leaders, and visionaries united by a shared desire to give something back to the global sales community. In our first four years, these experts from around the world have presented over 800 webinars and videos to educate and inspire sellers, sales managers, senior sales leaders, and business owners. 
In 2021, The Sales Experts Channel has evolved to become Sales TV with 23 regularly recurring shows for sales pros plus special, one-time broadcasts every week. Additionally, The Channel has introduced an interactive app and other features to provide robust learning experiences for our 72,000+ subscribers. 

Origin Story

Our founder, Deb Calvert, describes the drive behind her vision for and dedication to The Sales Experts Channel in this video interview. 

The Mission of The Sales Experts Channel

The mission of The Sales Experts Channel is to provide educational and inspirational content for the global sales community. Content on The Sales Experts Channel is always free and always fabulous!

Values of The Sales Experts Channel

The member presenters exemplify these values as contributors:
  • A collaborative spirit
  • Professionalism in selling
  • Continual learning and growth

How to Access Content on The Sales Experts Channel

Channel videos and webinars are broadcast on our partner platform, BrightTALK. Viewers can watch live presentations or access content on-demand. The archives section of this website displays on-demand content in easy-to-find topical indexes.
Interactive discussions, contests, and special events are also available in regional and virtual formats. Viewers can also participate in app and social media offerings. We encourage viewers to follow and contribute to shows and broadcasts that match their interests! 

To Become a Contributing Member Presenter

The membership roster for 2021 was set in October 2020. If you are interested in becoming a presenter in 2022, please contact Deb Calvert by September 2021.